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After-sales Service- Kingsing- Machinery Co., Limited

2023-09-18 10:32:40 美工

Kingsing would like to promise the following after-sales services to customers:

Free service:

1. Kingsing has established a comprehensive and professional after-sales technical service team, which can provide you with all-round after-sales guidance through telephone, email, video and other communication methods.

2. Our company has set up a problem-solving team to provide 24-hour online technical support for various problems of large-scale equipment and solve problems as soon as possible.

3. For large-scale automation equipment, our company can send professional technicians to the customer's site for installation, commissioning and training of operators.

4. During the warranty period, Kingsing fulfills the maintenance and after-sales obligations stipulated in the contract.

5. For dealers, Kingsing provides free professional technical training to ensure that they can maintain and upgrade the equipment purchased by customers.


Paid service:

1. On-site training, commissioning, maintenance, etc. (except for free services agreed in the contract).

2. After the product maintenance period, our company will provide customers with various product accessories, consumables, etc. at cost prices.


Technical Support:

Technical support is the cornerstone of Kingsing, we always provide first-class service to all users, and strive to give customers a better service experience.

1. On-site installation and commissioning of equipment.

2. Train operators for users to ensure that operators have basic equipment debugging, testing, maintenance and other skills.

3. Provide detailed product instructions.

4. Irregular telephone calls back to the operation of customer equipment, and timely discovery and handling of various after-sales problems.

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