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Maintenance - Kingsing Machinery Co., Limited

2023-09-19 14:19:24 美工

In order to ensure that your equipment can still be guaranteed after the warranty period ends, Kingsing provides a maintenance contract to help you with the subsequent maintenance of the equipment, and we can arrange technicians to serve you in advance according to your production plan.


Maintenance content:

1. Check

2. Clean

3. Lubrication

4. Calibration

5. Replace damaged parts

6. Product update and optimization

7. Make sample wires and analyze


Standard maintenance:

After the routine inspection, the technician will provide a specific maintenance list, inform you of the hidden dangers and risks of the machine in advance, and recommend corresponding optimization measures to you.


We are committed to becoming a first-class manufacturer of wire harness processing equipment and creating a first-class brand in the field of wire harness processing equipment. Satisfying customers and providing customers with the most perfect service is the goal pursued by all Kingsing people.

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