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What should I do if the automatic terminal machine does not cut the material?

2022-10-13 14:29:22 美工

. Is it a setting problem?

If it is an automatic terminal machine with a cutting function, but it is not cut off, it cannot continue to work normally. It is a serious problem. It is necessary to check whether it is an installation problem first, and follow the detection principle of soft first and then hard.


2. External fault

It is not the fault of the automatic terminal machine itself that causes the problem of not cutting off. If the air supply of the air compressor is insufficient, the cutting force will be insufficient. Then we need to check the air supply capacity of the air compressor. The size of the fully automatic air compressor needs to be calculated specifically. Not only that, we also need to be familiar with the requirements of more fully automatic cable terminals for the air compressor.

3. There is a problem with the machine itself

The automatic terminal machine itself checks that the hardware is faulty. Generally, you need to contact professional maintenance personnel to deal with it. You cannot disassemble the machine without permission, so as not to cause bigger problems.