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Single head dip tin machine has those advantages

2022-10-13 14:28:24 美工

The single-head soldering machine is a mechanical device that can perform operations such as wire cutting, single-end crimping terminals, and single-end half-stripping. It replaces the traditional manual operation and greatly improves the production efficiency of the manufacturer. What are the advantages of the single head dip tin machine?


  • The production line has a wide range, and can process 5 lines at the same time, which greatly improves the production               efficiency.

  • The whole computer touch digital adjustment parameters, 90 degrees tin dip evenly, the depth is accurate.

  • With the operation of adjusting the knife by computer, there is no need for gaskets, pneumatic parts, etc.

  • There is an automatic tin scraping device, which ensures that the tin surface is free of oxidized tin chips and ensures the             cleanliness of the desktop.

  • The position of the wire clamp and the end point of the contact tin can be adjusted to about 10mm, the end of the control         wire contacting the tin is not easy to bend, and the point contact position is more accurate.

  • LCD display, clear interface, simple operation, one person can complete the operation independently.

  • The structure is novel, the OTP straight mold, horizontal mold, and blade are simply replaced, and the waste paper can be         automatically received.

  • Complete detection functions, automatic alarm for mechanical abnormalities such as wire, terminal, combination, air                   pressure detection, etc.

  • The integrated body design has high practicability and low failure rate; post-maintenance is also convenient and simple.