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Function of Automatic Terminal Machine in Wire Harness Processing

2022-10-13 14:23:13 美工

In our life, there are various electrical and electronic products, including automobiles and aerospace. Harness is an important part of the success of products. The application of harness in products should be considered in the development of each product; As the automatic terminal of wire harness processing equipment is particularly important in the production of wire harness, the terminal machine manufacturer must understand the performance of the automatic terminal machine if he wants to understand the wire harness processing technology.


  • The full-automatic terminal machine is an electronic wire processing equipment. It can cut 15m and peel 12mm long when cutting. Various wires can be processed at will without damaging the copper wire. The accuracy can be adjusted freely within 2m without error, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and ensuring the wire processing accuracy.

  •  Automatic terminal machine is a processing machine for large square thick cables, which is widely used in elevator and automobile industries; In order to ensure the safety of these products, the wire stripper with advanced product technology is pursued to solve the problems of different lengths of various wires and short thick wires. All of them are controlled by computers, operated by keys, LCD, four-wheel drive, and are suitable for general customers.

In short, the terminal machine is a machine needed for wire processing. It can press the hardware head to the wire end, and then conduct conduction. The terminals from the terminal machine are usually convenient to connect. The two wires can be connected together stably without welding, and it is only necessary to unplug the plug when disassembling.

The above is the role of fully automatic terminal machine in wire harness processing. The development of computer wire stripper and terminal machine has promoted the technical progress of the electronic industry. From the initial semi-automatic development to the current full-automatic development, the labor cost in society is increasing, and automation technology is our constant development goal.